Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


While it’s pretty basic and not 100% scientific – this test is based on the Eysenck personality test so it’s as close as you can get without taking an in depth personality questionnaire.

Here are some questions regarding the way you behave, feel and act. Each question has radio buttons to answer YES or NO. Try to decide whether YES or NO represents your usual way of acting or feeling. Then check those radio named YES or NO. Work quickly, and don’t spend too much time over any question, we want your first reaction, not a long drawn-out thought process. The whole questionnaire shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Be sure not to omit any questions. Start now, work quickly and remember to answer every question. There are no right or wrong answers, and this isn’t a test of intelligence or ability, but simply a measure of the way you behave.

1.Do you often long for excitement?
2.Are you usually carefree?
3.Do you stop and think things over before doing anything?
4.Do you generally do and say things quickly without stopping to think?
5.Would you do almost anything for a dare?
6.Do you often do things on the spur of the moment?
7.Generally do you prefer reading to meeting people?
8.Do you like going out a lot?
9.Do you prefer to have few but special friends?
10.When people shout at you do you shout back?
11.Can you usually let yourself go and enjoy yourself a lot at a lively party?
12.Do other people think of you as being very lively?
13.Are you mostly quiet when you are with other people?
14.If there is something you want to know about, would you rather look it up in a book than talk to someone about it?
15.Do you like the kind of work that you need to pay close attention to?
16.Do you hate being with a crowd who play jokes on one another?
17.Do you like doing things in which you have to act quickly?
18.Are you slow and unhurried in the way you move?
19.Do you like talking to people so much that you never miss a chance of talking to a stranger?
20.Would you be very unhappy if you could not see lots of people most of the time?
21.Would you say that you were fairly self-confident?
22.Do you find it hard to really enjoy yourself at a lively party?
23.Can you easily get some life into a dull party?
24.Do you like playing pranks on others?