2020 Vision Success Planner (Hard Copy)

Not an Ordinary Day Planner
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Calling all introverted entrepreneurs – are you ready to go from feeling energetically overwhelmed to energetically aligned in your business?

This planner will help you to navigate the HOW of opening space for the things that really matter in your business.

Take your goals and make them a reality

We’ve got you covered – with project planning and goal setting/scheduling worksheets – they’ll keep your goals at the forefront of your business so you stop spending your precious time on activities that just aren’t going to move your business forward.

set up a system that easily identifies your priorities so they actually get done

Whooo – this one is a game changer! When you use the priority setting sections in the weekly layout, you’ll see your goals laid out (in actionable chunks)  in a bird’s eye view so you know what has been done and what still needs doing.

end your workday and work week energized

We’re (not so secretly) introverts too so we built this into the planner because this is the number one way for introverted entrepreneurs to start getting into alignment with their unique energy – and when you use the priority setting tools to build in recharge time and self-care, you’re going to show up energized in your business – and we all know an energized entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur.

weave a little bit of magic into your business

Tracking the moon cycle? Yup – we made sure that’s built in. And looking for your next great daily affirmation or even to get started with daily affirmations? Holla’ up in here for this beauty of a day planner because that’s built in too!

This is your 2020 business plan – all in one gorgeously designed entrepreneur day planner.

And if you’re looking for something to make this planner even more wonderful – it comes with some pretty sweet bonuses..

With the purchase of your 2020 Vision Success Planner you’re going to gain access to some exclusive online bonuses – resources we’ve only made available, until now, to our students and clients as a thanks for purchasing the planner. 

Oh yeah – did we mention, when you purchase in the rest of 2019, we’re throwing in a digital copy of the monthly and weekly spreads for the rest of 2019? That way you can start using the system right away and start 2020 early!

The Nitty Gritty

The planner is 168 pages of durable 70 lb paper with a hard cover to ensure it remains together the entire year. It’s printed in beautiful color throughout to make it a resource you’ll want to use every day!

The pages inside include:
Business Worksheet for 2020 | Make and Take Vision Board for 2020 | A page of inspiring affirmations | Project Planning Worksheets | Goal Setting Worksheets | Monthly Overview Layouts | Weekly Layouts | Your 2020 in Review | Planning for 2021 | Social Media Stats Tracking | Space for Note Taking

Limited stock available for shipment in December – back orders will be shipped in January 2020