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Reaching your goals isn’t meant to be overwhelming.

In a world where instant gratification is becoming the gold standard, you’re probably feeling the pressure as an entrepreneur to reach your goals in record time.

With days filled to capacity – you seem to run out of time before you run out of tasks on your to-do list.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Instead of…

  • feeling anxious every time someone asks how your business is going
  • trying random things to see what sticks
  • spending time and money on programs that promise a “quick fix” and then don’t deliver
  • falling into bed frustrated that you didn’t get enough done in the day
  • feeling overwhelmed and like your business is spinning wildly out of control

Imagine how much happier you will be when you’re reaching your goals – your way.

you deserve a happier and less overwhelming way to work


A Happier Way to Do Business

the one simple shift you need

And it’s NOT about changing your goals, your creative process or your working style.

The shift that’ll help you get to your goals faster is tackling tasks with intention.

It’s about shifting from busy to productive.

👉🏽 Busy is measured in tasks. It’s achieved with work.

👉🏽 Productivity is measured in results. It’s achieved with aligned work.

Aligned work means tackling the tasks inside your business in a way that matches up with your goals, priorities, core values and dreams.

And aligned work has a happy little side effect – fewer tasks on your to-do list. And according to one study, fewer tasks on your to-do list dramatically boost your productivity – by 68%.

Fewer tasks on your to-do list, faster results and a happier way to work? A definite win in our books.

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Meet the innovative

Vision Success Planner™

Everything You Need To Turn Goal-Getting Into A Habit

It’s time to usher in a new planning paradigm.

Day planners may not be new – but we can confidently say you’ve never seen one like this before. 

The priority-based layout will keep you on track with your goals. But it’s also flexible enough to accommodate any unique work approach.

And by breaking down your goals into actions that are easy to prioritize every week – you’ll start stacking small wins every day. That “I did it!” moment is closer than you think.

Your goals are meaningful.  The Vision Success Planner™ gets that. 

“I highly recommend the Vision Success Planner to anyone who is on a mission to prioritise their tasks and goals in life. Lisa and Jen make it easy with their detailed planner layout grouping priorities from month to month, weekly ‘need-to-do lists’ and ‘nice-to-do lists’ and daily priorities and meetings. It is a positive and encouraging planner that offers multiple pathways to success. Give it a try, you will get positive results.”


Your business, your way

The Vision Success Planner™ has been carefully designed to help you achieve all your goals.

When you shift to priority-based planning, you’ll start a new chapter in your journey to success.

So say “see-ya!” to achieving your goals on other people’s terms and say hello to:

working happier in your business

a greater sense of purpose and control

time back in your day

measurable progress on your business goals

better focus and productivity

What’s inside?

The full-colour interior and coil-bound lay-flat design make this a beautiful and easy-to-use addition to your entrepreneur toolbox. 

Across the 208 US letter-sized pages, you’ll find:

Business Worksheet | Make and Take Vision Board | A page of inspiring affirmations | Project Planning Worksheets | Goal Setting Worksheets | Monthly Overview Layouts | Weekly Layouts | Your 2023 in Review | Planning for 2024 | Social Media Stats Tracking | Space for Note Taking

– six beautiful covers to choose from –

  • Hygge | 2023

  • Not a Hugger | 2023

  • Midnight Lemonade | 2023

  • All that Glitters | 2023

  • Honey Bee Happy | 2023

  • Makin’ Waves | 2023




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