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Visual Brand – Tutorial and Template


Apr 21, 2019

What is Visual Brand Identity?

Visual brand identity is very important – it will help you connect with your ideal client and build trust. But what is it and why does it matter?

Have you ever looked at an Instagram or Facebook feed of a business or brand and wondered why it looks so cohesive and beautiful? You know the moment something pops up in your feed, without even double checking, that you know who posted it. That’s the beauty of visual brand identity. Good news is that it’s not as hard as you think and you can achieve the same thing and it doesn’t need to cost you a thing.

Visual branding is a pretty big and broad concept (way outside the scope of this post) but a consistent visual identity is a big piece of that puzzle. A cohesive visual identity across all your visual assets (both digital and print) builds trust with your ideal client or customer and It creates an emotional reaction for them, thereby impacting a consumer’s decision to interact with your business in some way.

If you’re anything like we were when we were starting out (or before we found our visual brand identity not that long ago), we had no idea what we were doing. We started seeing people post brand identity mood boards – we created our own and since we’ve been consistent with using it, we’ve seen major growth in our social media feeds especially. You can too. You just need to decide what your brand’s visual identity will look like.

Build your Mood Board using our free canva template

Our not so secret weapon is Canva (we’ve linked it <– there to make it easy to sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one). They have a paid version which adds features (we use Canva for Work because of the volume we work with and some of the features it offers- fortunately it’s super reasonable for almost every budget to upgrade if you so choose), but the free version is absolutely jam packed with goodness that can help you to create a cohesive visual brand across your website, print and your social media accounts. And although we sometimes include affiliate links, this is not one of those times. We just think it’s a tool every entrepreneur should know about. In fact we even printed our beautiful business cards with Canva – it’s amazingly versatile!

This tutorial will walk you through the process of building a visual brand board that you can then print and have on hand when you are working with visually branded materials.

And if you find this post helpful – we’d love it if you shared it on social media to help other entrepreneurs get their visual brand identity game back on point!

What You’ll Need:

1. Our free template (grab it using the form below).
2. A Canva account.
3. Five images that inspire you. These can be from anywhere really (did someone say Pinterest?!) – but be aware of copyright and don’t use any images in your visual branding that you don’t have rights to use! We really like Unsplash (again not an affiliate – just a great service). to find beautiful, royalty free images. I’ll link the images I used in the tutorial below.
4. An eye dropper tool – I use the ColorZilla add on in Chrome almost exclusively, but if using an add on makes you nervous you can use an image colour finding website – there are a few out there – just perform a google search. This is to pull out the colours you want to use in your visual branding.

As promised the links to images we used in the tutorial – just click the image to be taken to the image download page and give the artist some love!


The Tutorial

Show us what you’ve got!

Are you in love with Canva as much as we are? Do you want more Canva tutorials?

Let us know below in the comments or we’d love to have you pop over to our Facebook page to give it a like and find additional tips for success as an introverted entrepreneur! And if you’re new here – click here.

Wishing you success – you deserve it!

Lisa and Jennifer
Success and the Shy Girl


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