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gaia mini-mind success coaching

GAIA is goals | actions | income | alignment

The Fall 2020 Session – accepting applications!

Our signature GAIA method is unique because it focuses on getting from goal to action to income in alignment with your unique energies as an introverted entrepreneur.

Our mini-mind (a coaching program with a mini mastermind component) GAIA program follows the same basic curriculum as our signature 1:1 success coaching program but at a lower price point.

This is also a suitable option for people who are easily self-directed and don’t feel they will need quite as much individual support through the curriculum.

The benefits of our mini-mind include:
√ the support of your mini-mind colleagues via a private Facebook group
√ one live and interactive two-hour group coaching call monthly via Zoom
√ a private client portal to host all the video training and downloads

The GAIA Mini-Mind Group Success Coaching supports you with achieving:

aligned goals
  • a deep dive on branding
  • putting profit and revenue goals in place
  • stopping the non stop frustration with trying to sell to the wrong people
  • refining product offerings
aligned action
  • showing up authentically and with intention
  • throw out limiting beliefs that are living rent free in your brain
  • taking control of your to-do list
  • staying motivated when you just don’t want to do it
aligned income
  • ditching the ick-factor that you’re attaching to the sales process
  • designing a customer experience pathway so you’re never left wondering “what’s next?!”
  • getting consistent with your email list (or starting one if you don’t already have one)
  • setting up a launch strategy that makes sense for your industry that you can take with you and re-use with subsequent product and service offerings


We are only opening up 10 spots in our Fall 2020 enrollment – so don’t hesitate to submit your application today!

We are Lisa and Jen aka Success and the Shy Girl

Together we have more than 20 years of experience in the entrepreneurial space as well as the training and educational space.

We’re experts in working as introverted entrepreneurs and with introverted entrepreneurs.

Need more details than that? We bring decades of experience in:

  • process design, implementation and review
  • product and business launching for sole proprietors in service industries
  • client and student training in a way that transfers knowledge in a practical manner
  • idividualized strategy development for improved learning
  • technology and web design
  • goal setting for success

And what does all that gobbledegook actually mean?

We have years of seeing what works for introverted entrepreneurs, setting strategies for introverted entrepreneurs and getting them through the hurdles that extroverted entrepreneurs don’t face nearly as often.

And we’re 110% committed to ensuring all of that happens without burning out or overwhelming our clients. Ready to apply?

your investment

Paid in Full
CAD $2999
Payment Plan
CAD $600/month for 6 months

Your timeline

The GAIA mini-mind coaching program is delivered over a period of six months and launches at the end of May.

the delivery

  1.  Workbooks and video trainings delivered in a private client portal.
  2. One scheduled two hour group coaching call monthly via Zoom
  3. Individualized support during business hours via Voxxer

the application

Once you’ve submitted the application, we’ll reach out to schedule a free one hour call to ensure that the mini-mind program will be a good fit for both you and us – and then we’ll send you a private sign up link once we’ve come to a decision.

who this program is for

Our signature GAIA mini-mind success coaching program for introverted entrepreneurs who are either building a new business or struggling for sales in an existing business. We ask you to be:

ready to make a change in the way you approach their business so you are able to show up with 100% authenticity  

coachable – we’re not going to sugarcoat our approach to helping you succeed. We’ll be kind – but direct.  

willing to do some deep work – we’re excited to dive into strategy and our specific GAIA methodology with you but there’s going to be some mindset reflection and strategy to help get you the biggest breakthroughs possible  

√ reliable -we honour the effort you’re putting in – please be respectful of ours and show up prepared for coaching calls  

√ honest and show up with integrity – we want to know if the coaching partnership is not meeting your needs. You’re making an investment in your future; it’s our responsibility to deliver on our end and it’s your responsibility to tell us if we’re not 

√ self directed – this mini-mind program comes with less individualized support than the 1:1 coaching program, so you’ll need to take the lead in this program to get the most out of it

 who this program is not for

This program is not for people who:

√ have large businesses – this program is designed specifically to cover the business basics and strategies that new or struggling business owners need support with in order to move them from goal to income and much of these will be redundant for well established entrepreneurs already earning a living from their business

√ are unwilling to explore new ideas or ways of doing things – we ask our clients to stretch outside their comfort zone. But we’ll never ask our clients to do anything we wouldn’t be willing to do ourselves.

√ don’t already have an idea for a business – the women we work with are going to best be served in this program if they arrive with a business idea already in place – we jump straight into setting goals for existing businesses right from the beginning

√ are struggling with the four walls and food – basic human needs come first, if you need to sacrifice those basic human needs to enrol with us, we strongly suggest that you delay joining us in this program until you’re in a position to do so without sacrificing immediate security


Apply Below – We’ll reach out once we’ve received your form.


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