Gaia 1:1 Coaching

Business, Visibility and success coaching for introverted entrepreneurs

The GAIA experience

Are you ready to streamline your business strategy and create a plan for your business that earns you income all while having your introversion honoured? Then GAIA is the coaching experience you’ve been waiting for.

GAIA 1:1 Coaching is a highly customized coaching experience. It is designed to support introverted entrepreneurs in gaining clarity and transform your goals into income through aligned action.

We believe coaching is a partnership – and that you already have everything you need to be successful. GAIA coaching will support you to write your success story on your own terms.



GAIA is Goals | Action | Income | Alignment

With 1:1 GAIA COACHING – you’ll be fully supported to:

  • Accelerate your income-generating activities. 
  • Bust through barriers – and we’ll help you identify your strengths so you can use them to fuel your business growth.
  • Build an audience that wants what you have to offer and write content that connects!
  • Create consistency in your business – and still, make your energetic needs a priority.
  • Find coaches that “get” you – we’re all introverts here!

1:1 Coaching

Weekly one hour 1:1 coaching call with Jen and Lisa (via Zoom).

Personal Portal

Access your worksheets and recorded coaching calls via a private online portal.

Voxer and Facebook Group Support

Connect with us via Voxer. Ask a question at any time – and we’ll answer during office hours.

gaia supports you with

aligned goals
  • put profit and revenue goals in place
  • start attracting your dream clients
  • refine product offerings
  • create consistent messaging for your audience
aligned action
  • show up energized and with intention
  • challenge and reframe limiting beliefs
  • define priorities and core values
  • stay engaged with your priorities
aligned income
  • get comfortable with your sales potential
  • design a customer pathway
  • get consistent with your email list
  • set up a launch strategy that makes sense for your industry that you can take with you and re-use with subsequent product and service offerings


Your Investment

one time payment

$3497 CAD

pay in full

Payment plan

$1197 CAD

monthly x 3

this program is a perfect fit if you are:

ready to make a change in the way you approach your business so you are able to show up energized and aligned

coachable – we’re not going to sugarcoat our approach to helping you succeed. We’ll be kind – but direct  

willing to do some deep work – we’re excited to dive into strategy and our specific GAIA framework with you but there’s going to be some mindset reflection and strategy to help get you the biggest breakthroughs possible  

√ reliable -we honour the effort you’re putting in – please be respectful and show up prepared for coaching calls  

√ honest and show up with integrity – we want to know if the coaching partnership is not meeting your needs. You’re making an investment in your future; it’s our responsibility to deliver on our end and it’s your responsibility to tell us if we’re not 

√ self directed – this program will create a greater transformation for you if you are willing to take the lead in managing your engagement in activities and discussions

this program won’t be a good fit if you:

√ have a large business – this program may be redundant for well-established entrepreneurs who already have effective systems in place.

√ are unwilling to explore new ideas or ways of doing things – we ask you to expand your comfort zone. But we’ll never ask you to do anything we wouldn’t be willing to do ourselves or haven’t already done.

√ don’t already have an idea for a business – you are going to best be served in this program if you arrive with a business idea already in place.


Sounds perfect! Now what?

  1. Hit the book your call button below
  2. Grab a time slot to have a quick 2o minute chat with us and answer a quick questionnaire
  3. Join us on the call at your scheduled time

Are you excited to
write your success story on your own terms?


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