Episode 30 – How to find your strengths so you can build a business you love


Personality tests…we’re not talking those fun quizzes you find on Facebook (we see you Buzzfeed…) but rather, some time tested ways to explore your strengths.

In this episode, we’re breaking down:

  • why personality tests should play a role in your business
  • a list of tests we have found valuable in our own personal development
  • our top two favourite tests you can take for free to truly understand your strengths
  • a mini-dive on what Human Design has meant for our business

And we promised you some links…

We’re not associated with these sites in any way, so make sure you understand their terms of use 🙂

For free Meyers-Briggs testing we love to recommend 16 Personalities
For your free Human Design chart, we recommend MyBody Graph
For a free numerology calculation, we love using MyCafe Astrology
For a free natal chart, we use Astro Seek
Looking for your enneagram? Truity has a great free report.

This is a paid report – but jam packed with good information!
Gallup StrengthsFinder

And here’s a free alternative to the Gallup test – the High5 Test

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