We’re lisa & Jen. And We’re on a mission to help entrepreneurs work happier, not harder.

success and the shy girl started with a simple decision – To support introverted entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

It quickly became so much more than that. 

.We’ve been on a journey of discovery since the day we started this business in 2017.

What started as a desire to write a book about introversion and entrepreneurship evolved quickly into helping entrepreneurs goal set effectively.

We took a deep dive down the goal-setting, goal-getting and productivity rabbit holes.

Then we uncovered a big problem.

Many were talking about goal setting – not nearly enough were talking about how to get those goals. 

We knew that the conversations about productivity needed to shift.. So we put on our science nerd caps and figured out a better, less stressful way to reach our goals.

We “accidentally-on-purpose” developed a full-blown goal-getting system. And it culminated in the release of the first edition of our day planner – the 2020 Vision Success Planner™ – in 2019.

We now have a client base across the world who have embraced the shift from busy to productive and say “YES!” to building their business their way.

We’re Productivity and Success Strategists

We help entrepreneurs turn goals into action. And then action into results. All in alignment with their core values and life and business priorities.

We’ve got close to 30 years of launching and scaling small businesses between us in a variety of industries.

Here’s the biggest lesson we’ve learned – success looks different for every entrepreneur. And how you define success is 100% up to you. Here’s what success looks like to us:

  • having the space to do the things that bring us joy while earning us a living
  • finding happiness in everyday tasks
  • giving ourselves grace when we make mistakes, and the space we give ourselves for growth and learning 
  • setting meaningful goals, and working towards them in a way that feels achievable
  • noticing a-ha moments along the way – and the deep knowing that even the tiniest achievements are worthy of gratitude and celebration.


The values we hold close to our heart

Breaking the Mold

We believe in doing things differently.
We make things for entrepreneurs who believe that the best ideas come from outside the box – and are brave enough to take action to make them happen.

Success Looks Different for Every Entrepreneur

Dreams of every size are worthy of attention.
We believe that success is more than a single point on a linear path. And think every entrepreneur should have the freedom to define what success looks like for them.

Progress over Perfection

There is no finish line, but there is always forward momentum and celebration along the way.

We are more interested in progress than perfection – and will always prioritize learning from our mistakes (because they happen).


Inspiration Comes From Unexpected Places

The best ideas come when you least expect them.

We believe that inspiration comes from many places- often the most unexpected ones. So we keep our minds open to new possibilities and diverse perspectives.

Productivity is so much more than hustling.

Sometimes the most productive thing to do is press pause.

We recognize that productivity can only come from a place of being energized by what we’re pursuing. We believe in aligned work and taking the time to enjoy life outside of entrepreneurship.

Being Bold is Brave

To make significant change happen, you have to be willing to take risks and stand up to the status quo.

We act with bravery – pushing at the edges of our comfort zones daily. So we challenge ourselves daily to be bold – and challenge old-school methods that keep entrepreneurs stagnant.

Who We Are

Batman and Robin have nothing on us!

We’re based in Canada, live six hours apart (the Canadian measurement of distance) and work almost exclusively via text, email and Zoom calls.

And we are unequivocally not morning people,

Meet Jennifer

4/6 Manifesting Generator with an Emotional Authority | INFP

I’m a certified science nerd and nurse who loves words, systems, and tech. I’ve been working in the online space for a long time (“since before WordPress was a thing kind of long”) and have built multiple businesses.

I believe in using data to drive decisions (and have the spreadsheets to prove it). But I’m also a firm believer in making space for inspiration and creativity – because they are at the heart of innovation in business.

And when I’m not hanging with my husband and four kids, I’m usually reading, binge-watching Netflix or complaining about the weather. And sometimes, I play Fortnite. Badly.

Meet Lisa

1/4 Generator with a Sacral Authority | INFJ

My professional background is as a scientist and educator. I feel that success is not reserved for the boisterous, larger than life personalities but that everyone can form networks and teams in all areas of life, using their natural skills and personalities.  Introverts can thrive, even in extrovert environments

5 Questions You Probably Weren’t Asking Yourself But Now You’re Curious

If your business were a fictional character, it would probably be…
Jen says Merida from Brave. She knows what she wants and devises a winning plan to get it. She’s self-reliant and is the hero of her own story. Plus, she’s got great hair. Not that our business has hair, but it would be slightly wild if it did.

Do you folks have any weird or unusual talents?
Although probably not odd or unusual – overthinking is a particular “talent” that we both possess. We’re working on it.
As for the extraordinary – Jen can touch her nose with her tongue. For real. It’s weird.

Are you two good dancers?
We sure are – decades of ballet, highland and jazz training and teaching. Good music (particularly of the 80’s variety) always gets us moving.

Coffee or tea?
For Jen? Coffee. Lots of coffee. “There’s never a bad time for coffee.” ←direct quote.
Lisa? A hot, steaming cuppa’(tea, that is). Every flavour of tea imaginable.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
There’s no singular ideal day for us – but if we had to nail it down, any day where we get to do work that lights us up and allows us to live in complete authenticity is pretty fantastic. More of those, are we right?
Jen wants to add – that it must start with coffee.


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