Visibility and success coaches helping heart-led, introverted entrepreneurs find their voice & show up aligned & energized in their business

Success and the Shy Girl was founded in 2017 with an idea – to support introverted entrepreneurs in growing a successful business. As introverted entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize your need for time and space to recharge so you can show up energized when your business requires it.

Our mission is to empower the introverted entrepreneur to build her business while honouring her introverted nature. We commit to delivering purpose-driven training and coaching in a manner that honours her introversion.

Our core values:

√ Respect for individuality
√ Dreams come in all sizes
√ Curiosity and learning
√ Leading by example
√ Integrity

work with your introversion

We recognize that not every introvert is exactly the same and each client is at a different stage in their entrepreneurial journey and we embrace that diversity in our clients.

You can build a business using the skills that you’re already deeply familiar with. 

What we do

What we discovered while doing some deeper work was that we were tired of putting on an extrovert face. We’ve discovered through conversations with other introverted entrepreneurs that they are tired of doing it too.

So much of the training available to entrepreneurs tends to highlight the natural strengths of extroverts. 

But in reality, success is also for the shy girl.

When you work with us, you will have your introversion honoured. Even more than that, we’ll support you in leveraging your introversion for success.

who we are

Hi! I’m Jen.

My professional background is as a nurse, but I’ve always felt the pull of entrepreneurship. I’ve also always felt reserved in trying to achieve success in my businesses (yes…more than one) given my natural tendency towards introversion. Having found a kindred spirit in Lisa has been a gift because I finally realize I’m not alone. You aren’t alone either!

Hi! I’m Lisa.

My professional background is as a scientist and educator. I feel that success is not reserved for the boisterous, larger than life personalities but that everyone can form networks and teams in all areas of life, using their natural skills and personalities.  Introverts can thrive, even in extrovert environments.

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